Shockingly enough, I’ve decided to start a professional Tumblr account. And by “professional Tumblr account” I mean “a place for me to put book reviews so I can look at least slightly less like a layabout.”

You can find it at http://crayolabee.tumblr.com if you’re interested! No real content yet, but that’s because my reviewing class is still going on, and I haven’t finished revising the ones I’ve done so far.


I’m in a class on reviewing children’s books and I want to put my results on a blog (hopefully continuing past the course). I have a registered domain name I’ve never used - crayolabee.com - but I’m not sure what blogging platform I want to use. Reviews will be between 200-300 words each, on average, occasionally up to 600.

Tumblr vs Wordpress for book review blogging: anyone have opinions?


Reading this page is bad for you.: I never got an answer to that gender neutral/trans*/nonbinary parent...


I never got an answer to that gender neutral/trans*/nonbinary parent question. Google could not have been less helpful, really. If anyone ever wants to tell me that there is a word for this, I’m happy and open to use it.

However, for my purposes (which have nothing to do with social justice) I’ve…

Interesting thoughts.

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The fabulous panel of the comics censorship session. WOO!


I maintain that ALA is basically the same as anime and other fandom cons. We even have guys in kilts.


Sunday morning mariachi band at ALA2013.


@books4belle and @prairie-cybrarian talking about the problems and pros of the term “bisexual”


Obligatory dinner photo



This is why having a sense if adventure is a great thing to have at ALA. You find yourself in a limo with MK Systems heading to downtown Chicago!


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Sadly, I have to miss this. :(